Efficacy Insurance, also sometimes referred to as Inefficacy Insurance or Failure to Perform Insurance is a standard feature of our specialist liability policies and is a requirement to membership of certain trade bodies & associations such as SSAIB & NSI.

​The installation of fire and security equipment is specifically designed to protect a premises, valuable stock or possessions against fire, theft, loss or damage. If the owners of the protected property suffer a fire, theft, loss or damage where the alarm fails to activate, they will hold the installer responsible. This means arranging legal representation to defend an allegation which could result in you being ordered to pay for the damage caused or the replacement of any stolen goods. These costs could be very large and would certainly have a significant financial impact on any business without efficacy insurance cover. Would your business survive a circumstance like this?

Our tailored policies for specialist electrical based trades is designed to protect your legal liabilities against accidental injury, loss or damage to third party persons or property and includes legal defence costs. Efficacy insurance is a standard feature of our specialist policies and provides cover in the event any alarm, fire or security device installed by you fails to perform its intended function and you are found responsible.

If you install Alarm, Fire & Security equipment or Electrical Systems, Efficacy Cover is vital protection for your business.

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