Directors & Officers of a business have specific duties, responsibilities and powers relating to their positions. These are usually set out in their job description or terms of reference. If a director or officer is found to have acted outside of their terms of reference, civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings can be brought against them

If your company has Directors or Key Managers (Officers), Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims made against them by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties against the cost of defending these proceedings, as well as any compensation costs arising from an unsuccessful defence.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance covers claims made against individual directors & officers of the company by:-

  • Regulators such as the HSE or Office of Fair Trading
  • Shareholders or Investors for failing to act in the company’s best interest
  • Creditors
  • Breach of Legislation
  • Insolvency

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is an optional extension to D&O Insurance that can be bought to cover Employee Discrimination claims such as unfair dismissal, harassment or failure to promote.


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